I have been into cars and racing ever since I was five when I started building plastic car models. I have always loved taking things apart and putting them back together. I have been a tinkerer for as long as I can remember and loved messing with the family cars when ever I got the chance. I replaced my first set of head gaskets when I was 14 and have been messing with cars both professionally and for fun ever since.


I think I was seven the first time I saw the Daytona 500 on TV. I still remember the feeling I got seeing those cars thunder around that track. I was completely captivated with what I was watching. Not long after I went to my first local short track race. It was at the long-gone Westborough Speedway. The noise, the speed and the smells all were just what a seven year-old boy needed to become a true racing fan. It was a life changing moment for me. I have been hooked on racing ever since.


I remember growing up I played with anything racing-related I could get my hands on. I did slot cars, radio control cars and any racing-related video games I could find. I have been seriously sim racing for over 25 years now. That first time I logged in to the Beta test Hawaii and was able to race with real people was the realization of a life long dream. I became hooked on online sim racing as the only go-to for real competition. I was in six leagues for a while, some of which were cup length races. I was running thousands of laps a week. I was hard-core hooked on sim racing. I built my first custom steering wheel back when Papyrus first released the original NASCAR Racing. It was simple and plain but served me well for years while I did battle on Hawaii and then later on TEN.


I took a break for a while when I opened my first business, an auto repair shop. There I honed my fabrication skills and became the local go-to guy for custom auto fabrication. I did everything from small performance upgrades on street cars all the way up to full-on race car roll cage installs and custom suspension fabrication. Since then I worked at a Ford dealer as a Master Tech for 12 years but that never fully fulfilled my need to tinker. In 2010 I found my self with a little spare time on my hands and began to think about sim racing again. I dragged out my nearly 20 year old home made wheel and pedals and logged onto Iracing. I quickly found my old hardware was lacking for such a sophisticated sim. I decided to buy a Thrustmaster T500 and see what all the FFB fuss was about.


After using that wheel with the stock rim for a couple years I decided I wanted something more. Right about that same time I was injured on the job and out of work. I tore my right rotator cuff so racing was out of the question. I couldn’t even lift a gallon of milk. That left me with lots of free time and no outlet for my incessant need to tinker. For three days I drove my wife absolutely crazy. She was constantly telling me to go find something to do. But what? That’s when I began to design and build my first custom steering wheel. It wasn’t pretty and didn’t do much but it was a start. My wife likes to say that was the summer I “invented the wheel”. That first prototype was the beginning of a hobby which has now grown into a full time business building custom steering wheels for an ever growing community of sim racers. It has been an exciting ride so far and I look forward to where this hobby/career will take me.


I believe a steering wheel is a very personal thing and as such should fit perfectly the driver using it. If you were driving a real race car wouldn’t you want your steering wheel to be exactly the way you want it? And not what the engineers and car designers tell you it should look like. So why wouldn't you want your sim racing wheel to be exactly what you want? After all, it is the primary physical interface with the sim. This is what I strive to deliver.


Every wheel is custom built one at a time for the driver who will be using it. I work hard to deliver the wheel you want designed and configured with the controls to suit your needs. A large assortment of options to choose from allows you to have the perfect wheel. Does it take longer? Yes. Does it cost more? Sometimes. However, what you get is something that looks and feels the way you want it and suits your needs exactly. Weather you’re a professional race car driver looking to recreate the wheel in your race car or a casual sim racer looking to get the wheel of your dreams I strive to bring you your ultimate steering wheel solution.